Master Pronunciation of Difficult English Sounds

  • Currently available for the W and TH sounds. More apps coming soon...
  • Practice how to distinguish the target sound from other potentially confusing sounds.
  • Test how well you can distinguish target sounds from other potentially confusing sounds (for example, /w/ vs /v/)
  • Practice speaking while watching close-up videos of native speakers pronouncing words and phrases
  • Self-monitor your own performance -- watch yourself in real-time as you practice speaking
  • Over 80 words and phrases for speaking practice...even more for listening practice

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About Pronunciation Tutor

The Pronunciation Tutor App provides an innovative, patent pending, way to monitor your own speech production.This app lets you visually compare the difference between your speech and lip/tongue position to that of a native speaker by using the iPhone camera. The app shows your own mouth directly below the native speaker mouth demonstrating the proper pronunciation of a word or phrase.

This approach allows you to see, as well as hear, any differences between your speech and that of the native model. There are a few sounds in the English language that are produced with a specific lip/tongue position, a position that is easy to see. Some of these sounds are problematic for non-native speakers and are a good fit for this kind of visual feedback.


Phil Hubbard is a long-time teacher of English as a second language and for over 25 years has specialized in the field of computer-assisted language learning (CALL). Prior to this collaboration, he authored a number of CALL programs for teaching English in disc, CD-ROM, and web-based formats. He has published widely in the areas of CALL listening, teacher education, learner training, evaluation, standards, and theory, serves on the editorial boards of four major journals devoted to technology and language learning, and has been an invited speaker at a number of international conferences. He taught English to international students at UC San Diego, San Diego State, and Ohio University prior to coming to his current position at Stanford University.

Ognjen Todic is an engineer and entrepreneur that has been involved in numerous projects related to spoken language testing and speech and language rehabilitation. He is currently working on the development of web and iOS applications for language learning and speech rehabilitation. Prior to this, Ogi founded a music-search startup, worked as a software consultant, and led the R&D team at Ordinate Corporation. While at Ordinate, he was instrumental in creating the first automated spoken language testing system, and he led software development that helped ETS streamline delivery and scoring of their TSE test and the NAEP 2002 Special Study of Oral Reading.